It’s Spring. Really and truly this time.

After a few false starts and Nor’easters with snow, ice and freezing rain it is now officially Spring in the Hudson Valley. Marchuary was tough and April was only marginally better. Mother Nature is now trying to make up for all of the drama and new life is bursting out all over. Finally!

So better late than never I’ve gotten started with my seed starts for this year’s garden. So this was about a week ago:

And here is the big reveal last night:

Ok so they’re all looking a bit scraggly now but once I adjust the height of the lights and they start growing we’ll be ok.

I think.

This year’s crop: Tomatoes-Shimmer, Tumbling Tom, 4th of July, Italian Ice, Green Zebra, Roma. Eggplant-Italian, Millionaire. Basil-Crimson King. Peppers-Diamond, Cubanelle. Fern leaf Dill.

Let’s grow!

The Wide World of Tomatoes

Homemade garden salad.

So far this season’s tomatoes are great to look at and I’ve been told good to eat too. I had friends over for a small BBQ and a few were noshing on tomatoes and basil straight off the vine and I saw a few munching on the lettuce too! This is why I love my friends! And my tomatoes!.


Assorted tomatoes from a quick harvest.
Perfect Roma.


Caprese from the garden.

Double+ tomato!


Cucumbers and Tomatoes

The good news is that the Straight Eight cucumber seeds I planted over the July 4th weekend are growing nicely and will have to be trellised soon. 

I’m hoping I drilled enough holes in the self watering container that it’s no longer self watering. Apparently cakes don’t like wet feet. 

The tomato crop is coming along fairly well except for some end rot. 

Hopefully the calcium I added to all the pots last weekend will solve the problem going forward. It’s only happening with one variety so far. 

This year we tried to space out the barrels better so there is more space between them for air circulation. So of course we’re having a particularly wet season. 

The peppers are doing nicely however. 

And I’m about to harvest my first Gretel eggplant of the season today! 

Not the best picture of her. 

More later!

Growing Along

The summer-like weather has made my veggies very happy. We caged up the tomatoes this weekend, they are getting big very quickly.  Over the years we’ve gravitated to the 3-sided cages as opposed to the conical ones because they give more support. We tend to grow indeterminate tomatoes and in a good year the vines have reached upwards of 8-ft.

This year we have a little bit of a mix in types, the Black Krims are determinate and tend to be short and bushy overall.

It’s been a week and most of the lettuce seed has germinated, I expect the rest of it to be up by the end of the week. I planted Oak Leaf, Deer Tongue and a red lettuce that I don’t remember the name of.

That’s a quickie on where things are in the garden, I’ll do an herbal update later!

Playing Catch Up in 2017

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted because all the other things in life get in the way. Well, I’m back and playing catch up on the season. Got too involved with work and school to get seeds started so I am relying on seedlings from the garden center for this year’s growing experience. And the weeds in my herb bed were taking over-still have sore muscles from Sunday’s weeding and planting!


Tri-color sage, French tarragon, parsley, and transplanted Greek oregano.

Daylily, mint, iris-it’s a planting bed takeover.

Veggies are Happening

After a cold Spring and a hot dry spell over the last couple of weeks the veggies have finally taken hold.

Last week I had a couple of really tiny eggplants emerging.
Now I have a whole group of them.
And the Deer Tongue lettuce bush continues to grow. I planted some lettuce seeds on either side of it today so it should have company soon.
The tomatoes have decided to live after all so I’m expecting a decent salad in about a month. Curious to see what the Mystery Maters turn out to be, they are starting to flower so my curiosity will eventually be satisfied.
Now as I patiently await the basil….
And there will be dill!