The Rain Garden is Taking Over

IMG_4235Nearly 10 years ago I planted a rain gardenĀ in the front of my house and it was little and cute and quite well behaved. Needless to say it has grown and developed a mind of it’s own.

The petite Japanese Maple has grown a rather spectacular canopy thanks in part to our cutting down the two huge Arbor Vitae that were shading it. The bee balm were getting shaded out so they moved over the winter towards the middle of the garden, the Caramel Heuchera are hidden somewhere under hostas along with the astilbe.


Poking out along the edges are irises and daylilies. The grand centerpiece is the flowering quince I planted about three years ago that has decided to love life. The key with my garden was to find plants that only needed part sun and didn’t mind having wet feet. This would not have been a good area to plant lavender.

I think I’m going to have to thin some of this out to give everyone some breathing room.

By design this is the best watered spot around the yard as I have three drainspouts coming off of the main roof and the porch roofs. I love the rain garden concept and I have used it to a lesser extent on the other side of the house. Living in the city is challenging in that most of the lot is taken up by the house and driveway.