4 Nor’easters later, Spring?

March in New York has been really interesting. Four Nor’easters in March and nighttime temperatures in the 20’s on a regular basis. Not quite what I had in mind. Mother Nature has a mind of her own so I’m just hoping she’s finally decided to let us have some Spring.

Took a walk around the yard today and found a few really clear signs of Spring.

Scylla wildflower - not sure spelling is correct.Snowdrop.

Summer Pretties

My dayllilys are blooming but since they’re being choked by the mint I don’t have as many as I should. It’s time to attempt to tame the mint.

The coneflowers are doing very well this year, some have even multiplied and I didn’t lose any of my favorites.

Part of the front walkway at the start of the coneflower bloom period.

Pots of petunias on the back patio. The peachy honey colored ones are new for me this year.

A view of the Weigela and Nishiki Willow. Thought I was going to lose the Weigela this year so I aggressively cut it back and now it’s thriving. Maybe I need to do that every couple of years.
More on my pretties later!