Veggies are Happening

After a cold Spring and a hot dry spell over the last couple of weeks the veggies have finally taken hold.

Last week I had a couple of really tiny eggplants emerging.
Now I have a whole group of them.
And the Deer Tongue lettuce bush continues to grow. I planted some lettuce seeds on either side of it today so it should have company soon.
The tomatoes have decided to live after all so I’m expecting a decent salad in about a month. Curious to see what the Mystery Maters turn out to be, they are starting to flower so my curiosity will eventually be satisfied.
Now as I patiently await the basil….
And there will be dill!






Running Late but Getting it Done

Started putting out my seedlings this weekend. The weather has been so up and down I’ve had the perfect excuse to procrastinate.

I didn’t even transplant the seedlings into larger cups so they’ve got smaller roots than normal at this point.
So far L’ve gotten most of the tomatoes, peppers and basic out and in their summer homes.
I put some of the Meatball eggplants in the big planter and I’ll probably throw in some lettuce seeds so my one volunteer lettuce plant has some company.

The two eggplants I bought at the garden center are doing nicely.
Still have pots to fill and something ate my baby Dill!!!

Seeds are Finally Started

Better late than never so I finally started my garden seeds for 2016 last Sunday. 

Peppers: Diamond, Cubanelle, Big Daddy. 
Basil: Genovese, Crimson King. 
Eggplant: Italian, Meatball. 
Tomatoes: Green Zebra, German Orange Strawberry, Sunburst, Taxi, Tumbling Tom.
And a week later I have a pretty good set of sprouts, hopefully everyone will be up by next weekend. 

Given that some of the tomato seeds date back to 2008 & 2009 I’m rather impressed. 

Let’s see what happens by next week. 

This Has Been a Difficult Summer

First we had lots of cool and rainy and then it turned into hot, humid, sunny and dry! Dry is a problem. We’ve had to water the garden almost every day and many of my plants still dried up and died. My water barrels have suffered so we’ve had to use the hose-not my favorite. 

The forecast is now calling for cooler temperatures in the 80’s and rain, hope the rain comes. We got a nice rainfall Thursday night into Friday morning and I’m hoping it will happen again.
On a brighter note, tomatoes are ripening!
And the eggplants are chugging along nicely too so I should make a few eggplant pizzas.
Since most of my lettuce bolted I’ve planted a second round of seeds, again.  I’ve had a marauding squirrel frolic in my planter every time I’ve put out seeds. This time I gave up on orderly rows and just broadcast the seed-and put out more garlic clips. Hopefully the little beast will frolic elsewhere!