It’s Spring. Really and truly this time.

After a few false starts and Nor’easters with snow, ice and freezing rain it is now officially Spring in the Hudson Valley. Marchuary was tough and April was only marginally better. Mother Nature is now trying to make up for all of the drama and new life is bursting out all over. Finally!

So better late than never I’ve gotten started with my seed starts for this year’s garden. So this was about a week ago:

And here is the big reveal last night:

Ok so they’re all looking a bit scraggly now but once I adjust the height of the lights and they start growing we’ll be ok.

I think.

This year’s crop: Tomatoes-Shimmer, Tumbling Tom, 4th of July, Italian Ice, Green Zebra, Roma. Eggplant-Italian, Millionaire. Basil-Crimson King. Peppers-Diamond, Cubanelle. Fern leaf Dill.

Let’s grow!

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