Tomatoes and Peppers and Eggplants Oh My!

So far things are looking good! There are tomatoes on most of my plants, baby Eggplants are forming and I can see tiny peppers starting to grow. In other words it’s time for some more fertilizer in the next week or two. And probably also time to add a couple of more calcium pills to the tomatoes containers.

Blossom end rot has been an issue with some of my tomatoes the past two or three years and regular calcium tablets seem to do the trick. When initially planting the tomato containers I’ll put one to two tablets per plant in the pot near the roots and when they start to produce fruit another one to two tablets depending on the size of the tomato or plant. I originally tried crushing the tablets in my food processor and using the calcium as a powder. It worked well enough but I live in an urban area and keeping unmarked white powder in a ziplock baggie in my garden bucket is probably not a good idea.

Ignore the date stamps on the photos, it’s definitely not 2038!

Garden on!

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