This Has Been a Difficult Summer

First we had lots of cool and rainy and then it turned into hot, humid, sunny and dry! Dry is a problem. We’ve had to water the garden almost every day and many of my plants still dried up and died. My water barrels have suffered so we’ve had to use the hose-not my favorite. 

The forecast is now calling for cooler temperatures in the 80’s and rain, hope the rain comes. We got a nice rainfall Thursday night into Friday morning and I’m hoping it will happen again.
On a brighter note, tomatoes are ripening!
And the eggplants are chugging along nicely too so I should make a few eggplant pizzas.
Since most of my lettuce bolted I’ve planted a second round of seeds, again.  I’ve had a marauding squirrel frolic in my planter every time I’ve put out seeds. This time I gave up on orderly rows and just broadcast the seed-and put out more garlic clips. Hopefully the little beast will frolic elsewhere!

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