After Much Neglect the Seedlings Are Out!

This is the first time in many years I didn’t pamper and repot my seedlings. I also only planted a third of the number of seeds I normally do.  Didn’t want to end up with another 70+ seedlings and a need to find homes for over 30 plants.

Sorry folks!
The container garden area is staying the same size this year, we thought about expanding but decided against it.
Lettuce, peppers and basil in the big raised bed.
The tomatoes were rather spindly looking so I planted them 4-6 inches deep which should give them the opportunity to develop more roots.
Now hopefully everything survives and thrives. We’re giving it all a good watering from the rain barrels and temperatures are supposed to be good the rest of the week. And rain is in the forecast. Yes!
I’ve got three types of eggplant this year-Pinstripe, Little Fingers, Italian.
Next steps include planting cucumber seeds and Dill. Gotta have Dill.
Can’t wait to see if everything grows.

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