Patio Privacy Panels

Great title 🙂

We live on something of a downhill slope and our patio is exposed to people passing by on the cross street. The other houses on our block have less of a problem since the patios are all blocked by their garages. Unfortunately we don’t have a garage-we assume it fell down years ago-and we live next door to a church that has a lovely open lawn so we’re rather exposed.
This year after renovating our patio area we decided to build ourselves a little privacy in the form of lattice privacy screens. This weekend we got the first of two screens completed-ok a little more paint is needed.
Basically we’re using 4×8 sheets of privacy lattice sandwiched between a frame of 1×4’s on a wooden stand. I’ve learned some valuable painting lessons too. Full sheets are miserable to paint while flat so the in between spaces will be painted once the panels are standing up!

Next weekend we’ll make the second panel and I’ll get back to painting. I’m using Olympic brand solid stain in Wedgewood to paint the panels. I figure it will hold up better than paint and it will probably weather/fade to some shade of gray which will still be acceptable.

Wish us luck on putting together the next panel!

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