Week 4 & 5: Catching up with Potting Up

Last week was a total loss as far as getting anything done with the seedlings, lots of neglect and not enough water but they’re a hardy bunch and have survived.

So this week is the start of the transplanting process.  The tomatoes are of course taking off faster than the peppers egglplant and basil.
I usually transplant into 18 to 24oz clear drink cups. I prefer the 24oz size because they’re easier to arrange in the tray than the 18oz siize. I had a problem the past two years finding the size I like in clear but I finally found them at an online restaurant supply store.

 As you can see I use a high tech method of drilling water holes in the bottom- a Dremel with a small drill bit. I usually drill about 5 holes in the bottom of the cups and due to the length of the drill bit I can stack three cups at a time.

The Warren’s Yellow were the first to be transplanted followed by Yellow Pear and Sugar Sweetie.

Come Tuesday or Wednesday I’ll work on another tray.

I also have the second round of seeds to plant so I’ll have German Orange Strawberry tomatoes and a friend asked me to attempt some starts for her so I’ve got to get to it!
So many seeds, so little time!!

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