Let the Germination Begin! Seed Starting 2014.

Right now this is my backyard, perfect weather to start seeds. 

This is where it all begins, my potting bench in a corner of the basement.

I’ve had good results keeping my seeds in this high tech device. My mother claims the freezer works even better but I don’t have room in mine.

This year’s crop.

I haven’t had great luck with this variety of heirloom but I’m going to try again this year in a different container.

Yellow Pears always produce well and even during bad blight years they tried their best to overcome. They also make great snacks while working outside in the garden.

I tried these for the for time last year and was pleased with their production and taste. The seeds germinated quickly and the plants were strong. I’m hoping for a similar result this year.

I’ve been growing Diamond sweet peppers for close to give years and They have been consistent performers. They have a mild flavor and a creamy white color. They develop purple streaks after they mature.

These are one of my rxperents for this year. They’re a sweet pepper from Argentina. Stayed tuned for updates. 

Cubanelles are my go to pepper, they are tasty green or red and perform well under most growing conditions in my yard.

These are hot but not overwhelmingly so. I grow them more as squirrel protection than anything else but they add a nice kick to pasta sauce.

Regular basil, usually does ok.

A nice alternative to Genovese. I think I’m going to try it in some cocktails this summer.

I grew these last year (or the year before) and don’t remember much about them. I’m going to pay more attention this year.

This was a free trial packet.

And this is where the magic happens.

And this is my reward for a job completed.

Oh and I almost forgot my other seed starting experiment. Normally I buy seedlings from the nursery but these seeds looked interesting……

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