Sharing the Plants

Had a conversation with one of my cousins this Spring and discovered she really wanted a Butterfly Bush.  So happened I had an extra six or eight that we unintentionally propagated from cut branches. 
Well one thing led to another and I showed up at her house one Saturday morning with six Butterfly Bushes, one variegated Weigela, two Coneflowers, a pot of Yarrow and a random iris I had sitting around. These plants would be the perennial backbone of a lovely planting bed.
A night view of the finished garden:
Daytime, all dressed up with annuals in pots, mulch and garden accessories. The mulch will help with water retention which is good due to the competition with the trees nearby. 
After a morning spent fertilizing and planting. The plants don’t look like much right now but this time next year they will be settled in and growing. 
A blank slate, good light and a nice stone boxer to define the bed.  The soil was compacted and there are plenty of roots from a large Maple tree to the left of the bed. 
Update July 2013:
The plants are growing and it looks like the coneflowers are about to bloom:

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