Spring is in Full Swing

Warm weather  and plenty of rain has caused my plants to finally start growing. A little fertilizer didn’t hurt either. My current favorite fertilizer is Gardeners Supply All Purpose.  It’s a balanced 5-5-5 organic formula and I use it on just about everything.

The Bee Balm at the foot of the walkway is trying to take over and will have to be yanked back.  I still haven’t turned the mulch in this bed.  I was worried the Spiderwort wouldn’t come back…it got scorched at the end of the summer and then the deer munched on it in the Fall.  It’s supposed to be deer resistant but nobody told the deer.

The Variegated Weigela took a beating in today’s rain but otherwise looks ok.

I had to give this Japanese Maple a trim last weekend because the branches had reached the ground but otherwise it looks great!

The first rose blooms of the season and they smell fantastic!!!!

And this is affectionately known as The Hosta that Ate the Hudson Valley. I uncovered this the first Spring we were in the house, it was covered by a plastic bag and some mulch and a couple of pieces of furniture…don’t ask!

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