Don’t Mess with Mother Nature

Ok, so I got a little ambitious with my eggplant deployment….well the weather was nice.  Needless to say we’ve got a frost warning tonight, I wouldn’t be so concerned but my eggplants are just babies.

Regardless of the revised FDA zones the last frost here in the Hudson Valley is May 15th.  Right on schedule Mother Nature 🙂
So hopefully the trash bags will do the job and when we take them off in the morning everything will still be alive and perky.  And there were a few tomatoes that hubby put out last week that got the same treatment. 
UPDATE: We had a bit of chill last night but everything looks ok today.  Unfortunately we’re in for a colder night tonight so I’ll be covering the pots again tonight.  Hopefully this will be it until Fall.

UPDATE: Everything except for one small coleus out front survived the last frost of Spring.

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