Progress on the outside

And of course all of the little details in life get in the way of the fun things…like writing about my garden.
There are plenty of times when I envy people who have acreage instead of just a yard, then I get to weekend number three of Spring cleanup and start to feel grateful for my little yard. So fifteen yard waste bags later the yard is looking spiffy.
The deer were kind enough to leave me some tulips and I am very happy about that.  Last Fall I meant to buy more bulbs and plant since many of my tulips have exhausted themselves and gone to the great compost heap in the sky.  Surprisingly my Toronto tulips have soldiered on for the past eight years and have even multiplied.  I don’t count the ones the squirrels transplanted into the neighbor’s yard. And my Variegated Firespray’s are still popping up in places.

The hosta collection seems to have jumped up overnight and the Variegated Solomon’s Seal is back stronger than ever.  I had whacked out a bunch to transplant and give to a neighbor for a plant sale thinking this would clean up the bed.  Looks like all I did was give it new vigor.  I’m not going to complain, think I’m going to dig some more up and give it to my cousin when I deliver her Butterfly Bushes. Hmm, she might also get some Bee Balm too.

I also managed to start putting my pots of annuals together for the season, the front walkway will look great once the petunias settle in and start to grow.  Hopefully we will not have a dry summer, forgetting to water the pots daily makes for very unhappy flowers.

I just have to keep these guys watered!

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