Potting up….Finally!

So now after much procrastination, changing corporate deadlines and a family emergency I’ve started repotting my seedlings.

I had no idea how big they’d gotten so I was pleasantly surprised to see they’d grown quite large. At least the tomatoes, peppers and dill had. The basil is still a little runty.

The German Orange Strawberry tomatoes didn’t germinate 100% but the seeds are about 3 years old.

I repot them in clear plastic drink cups, I like the 24oz size the best but I’m having a hard time finding them so I’m using 16 oz for now. I like the 24 oz because they are fairly narrow and fit more easily into the utility flat. Clear ones because I can see the roots better.

Once I get everything repotted I’ll start adding a little hydroponic fertilizer to the water.

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