Hmmm, I need something new for my garden

I think this is the year I treat myself to something a little more significant than a new pot – not saying I won’t buy a few new ones….

I currently have a large self-watering planter box that I’ve had for about 5 years now and it’s starting to show it’s age.  This is the box I plant my basil and a lot of my peppers in most years.

Planter with peppers and basil
So this year I was looking through one of my favorite catalogs and found this:
This is a small Vegtrug from Gardeners Supply ( It has the option for a cover to keep out pests and it comes in natural and charcoal…I am liking the charcoal color.  There is also the original model that is about 6 feet long, this one is about 39 inches ( 1meter).
So I’m thinking this could replace my planter box.
I’m still getting new pots!!

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