Weeds – overcoming a fear of mulch

“Weeds are flowers, too, once you get to know them.”
A.A. Milne
Maybe I haven’t gotten to know my weeds? Or maybe I don’t want to get that involved in their lives.

Whatever the case 2012 was the year I finally managed the create a more favorable weed to deliberate planting ratio. I’m not saying I eliminated them completely because that’s just not going to happen in my world but I did given in to popular wisdom (and the urging of my mother) and mulched.

Mulch was a very scary topic because of the bizarre mulching experience we inherited when we bought the house.  In order to suppress weeds and anything else that might grow,  the previous owners put down plastic bags, carpet, tablecloths and old furniture as an underlayer and mulched over it all. Or in some cases put a layer of ‘stuff’ down over mulch and then mulched over that.

You now see where my fear comes from.

So after having a near weed takeover in 2011 I got down to business and pulled out as many of the invaders in my herb garden as I could get my hands on.  I managed to easily fill a yard waste bag in very little time but I kept at it.

And then I mulched!

And the world did not come to an end!

The end result really was less weeding over the course of the summer and a much neater appearance to the herb garden.  The next hurdle will be spring maintenance.

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