First frost, a garden smackdown.

We had our first hard freeze of the Fall season on Friday night.

Good bye tomatoes, you weren’t looking that great anyway but now you are definitely done!

So long basil, yes you were looking sad Genovese Basil but now you are truly gone.  Although the Crimson King Basil is still hanging on and looking a little lively still.

Sayonara big beautiful coleus pots, here one day and gone the next.

So needless to say the dead tomato plants have been yanked from their planters with the basil soon to follow.  The first thing I’m doing next weekend is putting the hardy mums in the pots where the coleus were so I’ll have some Fall color in front of the house.

Right now the eggplants are hanging in and so are the peppers but the new growth on top took the freeze hard so it’s only  a matter of time before they too are sent to the compost bin.

We harvested the last of the eggplants by flashlight one night last week along with the larger peppers.  This time of the year I tend to do a lot of harvesting by flashlight after work.

Yes it looks like Fall is really here.

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