Garden 2012 – The Good – Part 2

I know next to nothing about growing roses so it was gratifying to see my climbing rose (Zephirine Drouhin) burst into bloom this spring and the flowers smelled wonderful. This is the first year I’ve gotten a full bloom like this. I also go some repeat blooming during parts of the summer but this was the best!

The ferns and hostas I had to transplant last year have filled out nicely and I added some Variegated Solomon’s Seal to the mix. Things got a little fried during the mid-summer heat wave but everything survived.  The transplanting process was a lot less than scientific last year and I wasn’t sure everything was going to take root but the mild winter probably helped a lot.

And I am very happy with my perennial herb garden renovation.  I ripped out most of the existing plantings, rearranged, replanted and mulched.  I also added a new path so that we can weed a little more easily.  The herb garden had gotten overgrown from neglect and rampaging oregano.  I hate weeding and just haven’t been willing to make the time this year and last to do it more often.  And then there were all of the experimental plantings that sort of took over.
The end result:


I limited the herb selection to Oregano, Sage, Purple Sage, Variegated Sage, French Tarragon, Parsley, Thyme and mint.  I also grow Rosemary and Basil in pots as annuals, wish they’d survive outside year round but they’re just not able to survive winter outside where I am.

I got  a lot of satisfaction from my garden this year, not everything went according to plan but it never does when dealing with Mother Nature.

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