Garden 2012 – The Good – Part 1

Every year there are things that go right and things that go wrong.  As an ego boost I’m going to start with things that went right.

Back at the end of 2011 I planted two Cherry Bells (Campenula) in the yard.  I bought them towards the middle of the summer because they were blooming and I thought they were pretty – they were also on sale.  It never occured to me to mark their position since I wasn’t familiar with the plant and didn’t know what it’s emerging Spring foliage looked like.  Fortunately I didn’t pull a rather annoying weedy looking plant in the bed by my driveway.

I was also able to adequately protect my Lilies from the deer and they bloomed! 

And my experimental asparagus from 2011 emerged, unfortunately they are still too young to eat but I should be able to have a small harvest in 2013. 

These little guys grew up and made a nice frondy backdrop for my dianthus later in the summer so overall I’m very pleased.

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